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Horse wellness is taken to a new level at RFS not just on a daily basis, but RFS also recognises that horses, like people, sometimes need to recharge their batteries. This is why Becky Stones is launching Wellness Retreats for horses

The wellness of its horses is paramount to RFS

Horse Management: Improving Performance and Longevity of Competition Life

The stud is a pioneer in advancing world-class horse management and data analytics around the management of the horse. In this ever-changing world which constantly puts new stresses and demands on horses, it is vital to stay on the front foot. The aim is to maximise performance and substantially prolong the careers of each horse. RFS recognises that every small improvement in wellness can result in improved performance meaning the difference between a good or a winning result.

RFS works to a six Pillar Horse Management Program tailored for every horse

  • Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Movement
  • Bio Energetic
  • Bio Chemical
  • Psychological

The very best and cleanest nutrition is used. RFS ensures feed is free from inflammatory GMO, chemical pesticides and sugars. All feed is organic and supplied from Germany. It is the very best quality in Europe, meeting the RFS criteria. Feed is adapted for each horse, including the type of protein, and the analytical calculation of the correct levels of omega 3 oils to balance the omega 6 within the feed. The water we use is structured, leveraging current technology to create nature's natural life force energy. The structured water assists cleansing, protecting and energizing life.

RFS has extensive protocols to assist the horses detoxification from environmental and nutritional toxins. Environmental toxins include Electro Magnetic Frequencies ("EMFs") within the environment and chemical toxins. The stud has gone to great efforts to eliminate both man made EMFs and natural geopathic stressors. RFS is an organic stud and eliminates as many chemicals as practical within the yard from items such as shampoos and cleaning products.

RFS ensures its horses are out of their stables for around 5 hours a day with an extensive array of different movements for the horses. This includes menage flatwork and gymnastics, horse walker, field, tread mill, hacking, grass arena training and different canter tracks. The stud supports different terrains and surfaces to strengthen bones and joints and support strength and fitness throughout the body.

RFS has an extensive Bio Energetic pioneered protocol to support the natural healing of each horse. The protocol leverages some of the world's most advanced technologies and software with extensive feedback mechanisms to the stud team. 440 tests are performed across the entire body of the horse each month to identify blockages or areas requiring attention. Detailed reporting of test outputs is then analysed and remedial action taken immediately when required.

The Bio Chemical protocols are led by Dr. Shane Fouhy, who is excellent at providing world-leading expertise. He focuses on the overall hollistic health of the horse, pre-empting problems before they arise.

The psychology of every horse at RFS is closely managed and monitored as they are all different. The sport can be stressful for horses and chronic stress can be very damaging for performance, recovery and general health. Different protocols are implemented for each horse to ensure the horses are not suffering from prolonged stress. Any indicators demonstrating stress are identified and actions taken rapidly.

Retreats - Total regeneration of the horse

High end, state of the art Wellness Retreats are available around the world for people to restore and recover from hectic lifestyles and to recharge their energy. RFS has invested years of research and investment to enable the stud to provide unsurpassed recovery and healing for show jumping and eventing horses in between their busy and challenging competition schedules.

RFS is the first yard in the world to implement the new Bio Geopathic tools to create an energy healing environment for the horses. The stud has state of the art equipment and tools used by some of the world's leading athletes to restore their bodies such as NFL. The aim is to close the gap between Show Jumping and many other top elite sports, such as NFL and Tennis, where the best recovery is paramount between matches.

RFS offers two week to three month Wellness Retreats  primarily for Show Jumpers. These aim to totally regenerate the horse and increase performance for the future similar to a high end Swiss Retreat for people.

In line with restorative retreats for people, the experienced RFS team will perform an initial consultation with the horse and owner. This will include a body scan of the horse covering 400-500 tests and a discussion of all the challenges with the owner. A tailored program for the horse to meet the requirements of the owner will then be developed for the following period of the retreat.

Included will be tailored daily  treatments as part of an integrated program to address scan concerns and owner concerns, nutritional rebalancing, psychological therapies to reduce stress, if required, several in depth holistic body reviews by Dr Shane Fouhy, hoof review by the stud's highly skilled farrier, tailored exercise and training by Peter Moloney and Duncan Inglis and turn out and hacking within the facilities of the stud.

Applying their extensive experience of equine wellness, the RFS team, trainers, vet, farrier and therapists will all be involved in treating each horse.

Horses bought by RFS go straight onto the 3 month program where we have seen some excellent and tangible results.

An end of Retreat consultation will be offered to the owner to share all findings and proposed follow ups after the horse leaves RFS.

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