Charity & Conservation


Ridgeway Farm Stud is a keen supporter of global animal welfare together with global climate and wildlife conservation. A large proportion of our profits will be donated to these causes through a charitable trust set up for this purpose. We currently regularly donate to charities such as SPANA, Brooke Hospital, ILPH, 4 PAWS, Battersea Dogs Home and PETA. 


We believe climate and wildlife conservation starts at home at the stud. Specifically, we have planted several thousand flowering plants to attract the bees to the stud throughout the year; we have planted a large number trees throughout the stud; we have segregated a wildlife woodland which is entirely for wildlife; we have openings throughout the property to enable wildlife to pass through the stud to all surrounding areas of national trust; we have built bird feeders and nesting boxes throughout the property and protected swallow nests within the stud for returning swallows. We do not use any chemicals throughout the stud, using only natural fertilisers and manual management of weeds. We have preserved all the hedgerows around the property and planted some additional ones as safe havens for the wildlife. 


As a result of our efforts we share the property with an influx of different wildlife which adds to the experience of visiting or working at the stud. 


We look to engage in many global climate conservation initiatives during the next years and will continue to ensure the vision of Ridgeway Farm Stud remains consistent with our environmental values.